Four Fabulous Fibs From The Scrumtrelescent Mind of Michele Bachmann

After years of being out-deceived by men, women are finally catching up. And leading the charge is Minnesota dynamo Michele Bachmann, obliterating the Lies-Out-The-Ass Ceiling and clearing the way for the rest of America's female liars to believe that they too can fake it all the way to the top. How much did she fib… » 10/12/11 5:10pm 10/12/11 5:10pm

Every Wrong Prediction About The Royal Wedding Dress

It's Bruce Oldfield! It's Alice Temperley! It's Sophie Cranston! It's a Young British Designer You've Never Heard Of! It's Daniela Issa Helayel! In the months between the announcement of Kate Middleton's engagement to Prince William and their marriage today, reporters, "royal correspondents," and the random people… » 4/29/11 6:15pm 4/29/11 6:15pm