Facebook Increasingly Determined to Ruin the Only Fun Thing About Facebook: Stalking

A few months ago, Facebook announced that it would start letting people know which group members view posts in groups, information that would, unacceptably, get in the way of innocent people trying to go about their normal lives — lives that obviously include cyber-stalking exes, former roommates and coworkers, and… »9/24/12 6:00pm9/24/12 6:00pm


Facebook Determined to Ruin the Last Fun Thing About Facebook: Stalking

Better go click through your ex boyfriend's kind of weird-looking new girlfriend's tagged photos now, while you still can. Facebook announced today that they're going to start letting people know who has viewed certain items on the social network — technology that, for now, only impacts a limited area of the site, but… »7/12/12 6:00pm7/12/12 6:00pm