Battle Of The Multi-"Talented" Celebrities: Can Kutcher Unseat Franco?

Now that Ashton Kutcher is some sort of high-tech magnate, he seems to be enrolling in the James Franco School of Celebrities Doing Unexpected Other Things. But will the student surpass the teacher? Today we put them head-to-head. » 5/30/11 1:26pm 5/30/11 1:26pm

Why Do Women Take So Long To Get Ready? People Ask, And No One Answers

This weekend, The Times Of London pitted married couple Philip Clothier and Rosie Millard against one another in order to answer one of "life's great mysteries": Why it takes women so fucking long to get ready to leave the house. We've never understood this either: Although most women we know can get ready in a… » 7/09/07 3:11pm 7/09/07 3:11pm