Anti-Abortion Activist to Face Charges for Blocking Woman's Access to…

Richard Retta is one of those shouty dickwads who stands outside of abortion clinics and tries to convince women not to go in. About a year ago, he tried to physically block a woman from entering a clinic in the DC area, which is a legal no-no. And today, a judge has denied his request that charges against him be… » 1/12/12 9:16pm 1/12/12 9:16pm

Machete-Bearing Man Sued For Barging Into Abortion Clinic

Last year, a man named John Kroack burst into a Seattle-area reproductive healthcare clinic, intimidated its workers, and tried to enter the exam room. Now federal prosecutors are suing him for violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act — and the text of their suit offers chilling details about his… » 3/14/11 4:35pm 3/14/11 4:35pm

"Face" Time: Men Convicted Of Blocking Abortion Clinic Access

A little good news on the abortion front for once: for the first time in New York City history, two men have been convicted of blocking a clinic entrance. And challenges to yesterday's disturbing Oklahoma laws are just beginning. » 4/28/10 9:30am 4/28/10 9:30am

Whistleblower: FBI Should Have Stopped Roeder, Prevented Tiller Slaying

Colleen Rowley, who in 2002 criticized the FBI on its failure to follow up on would-be 9/11 hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui, now says the Bureau could have prevented George Tiller's assassination if it had investigated Scott Roeder more thoroughly. » 6/05/09 9:30am 6/05/09 9:30am