The Latest, Greatest Must-Have Wedding Accessory: Drones

American weddings are endless one-upmanship. "Your signature cocktail and macaroons sound simply darling, but now you absolutely must have a terrarium for every guest!" — every bridal mag ever. The new hotness: wedding photography via drone. » 7/18/14 7:15pm 7/18/14 7:15pm

Flower-Delivery Drones Fly Again, Thanks to Federal Judge

Truly, friends, we do live in an age of technological wonders. Thanks to a decision by a federal judge, a Detroit-area florist plans to resume tests of flower delivery via drone. » 3/13/14 2:30pm 3/13/14 2:30pm

Imagine, if You Will, a World Where You Can Play Tiny Tower During…

Frequent air travelers, rejoice! That painful period during take-off and landing when you're not allowed to use your electronic devices might soon be a lot more bearable. The Federal Aviation Administration said yesterday that it will work with airlines and other involved parties to find a way to determine whether… » 3/20/12 10:20am 3/20/12 10:20am

FAA Untitillated By Sex While Skydiving

Officials at the FAA are peeved at an airline pilot who allowed two skydivers to have sex on his plane, jump from the plane while outfitted in skydiving equipment, and then continue the act in midair while filming the whole thing. Not only is there no word yet for what this is (let's just call it skyfucking or… » 10/14/11 3:45pm 10/14/11 3:45pm