Don’t Worry About Dolls: F. Scott Fitzgerald's Advice to His Daughter

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a "fuck it" list for his only child, the then 11-year-old Frances "Scottie" Fitzgerald. It's succinct, no-nonsense, and pretty damn adorable. It kinda makes me want to have a kid just so I can plagiarize and give it to her. No edits, even, that little monster will learn to ride a horse and… »11/07/12 10:15pm11/07/12 10:15pm


See A Newly Discovered Zelda Fitzgerald Self-Portrait

Here's something cool from the Princeton library: In January of 1927, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald were living in a Los Angeles hotel while Scott worked on a screenplay that would never be produced. A newly discovered telegram — to which Zelda added two quick sketches — sheds some light on a period… »5/24/12 5:10pm5/24/12 5:10pm

"Investing" In Your Closet Not Recommended By Actual Investment Experts

If you've opened a women's magazine recently, then you probably know what's in this season. "Investment" fashion! For the new economy, editors and luxury advertisers have been throwing around terms like "value," "quality," "green," "key pieces" and "timeless" as though they had some, well, timeless meaning. »5/20/09 5:00pm5/20/09 5:00pm

Zelda Fitzgerald Went Crazy Because She Was Schizophrenic, Not Because She Was Oppressed

BlueStocking, a feminist online journal from Oxford that aims to "investigate the intellectual and artistic achievements of women," has an essay in their current issue making a case for the artistic importance of Zelda Fitzgerald. Mostly Zelda is thought of as F. Scott's wife, and writer Lindsey Meyers says Zelda was… »3/14/08 1:00pm3/14/08 1:00pm