Report: Bob Costas' Olympic Eye Infection Was From Botched Botox

If you were a TV host with a huge gig on the horizon — the ding dang Olympics — you might make an appointment to get a little freshen up with the cosmetic surgeon. Who could blame you? You want to look your best when the whole world is watching. But what if something went wrong and your eyes got red and your vision… »3/07/14 11:00am3/07/14 11:00am

Color Contact Lenses Could Cause Cornea Ulcers, Other Horrors

Just a heads up, but if you were planning the perfect lizard/cat-person costume this year for Halloween, you might want to consider forgoing the hyper-creepy vertical-slit pupil contact lenses that will really put your getup over the edge. It’s just not worth it because (spoiler alert) you could scratch your cornea… »10/25/13 1:40pm10/25/13 1:40pm

Women Need Bifocals Sooner Than Men Probably Because of Limb Length

A new scientific study about eyes and the adorning thereof has suggested that aging women require bifocals sooner than aging men because women have shorter arms and therefore are forced to hold everything they read right up to their beleaguered retinas. Reading at too intimate a distance, as it just so very well… »8/23/12 9:15pm8/23/12 9:15pm

Your Pupils Don't Lie About Your Sexuality, Says New Research

In the past, the traditional method of studying sexual orientation via arousal has allowed for a lot of loopholes and prevented a clear conclusion from being drawn. Asking subjects point-blank about their arousal level obviously allowed for lying, and showing people sexual images and monitoring the blood flow to their… »8/04/12 4:45pm8/04/12 4:45pm

Tiny Otter Has a Very Adorable Strategy for Beating the Heat

Oh, no big deal, it's just a baby otter covering his eyes as he swims around. We have actually seen this little otter before, and it turns out he's the star of his own movie, Otter 501, about how he was rescued after he got separated from his mother and learned to make his way in the world. Ahh, he's so cute you… »6/20/12 9:45pm6/20/12 9:45pm

People Are Apparently This Crazy About Having Blue Eyes

While many have been suffering from incurable conditions that make them unable to see, Dr. Gregg Homer has been figuring out how to turn brown eyes blue. The California doctor says that after 10 years of research he's figured out that brown pigment can be removed from the surface of the iris with a laser, revealing… »11/02/11 11:40am11/02/11 11:40am