TMZ Blackmailed Justin Bieber with Racist Video for Years

When a video of pop star Justin Bieber making racist jokes was published last week by British tabloid The Sun, it was hard to tell who lost more: Bieber, or TMZ, which purchased the video years ago and has used it to extort appearances and call-ins from Bieber ever since. » 6/05/14 6:20pm 6/05/14 6:20pm

Classy Revenge Porn Mogul Offered Victims 'Reputation Management' Help

This week, California authorities arrested revenge porn kingpin Kevin Christopher Bollaert for extorting women whose nude photos he'd feature on a "revenge porn" website he started. Bollaert also offered the women featured on his site help with "reputation management"... for a price. » 12/13/13 7:00pm 12/13/13 7:00pm

Anti-Semitic Elmo Tries to Extort $2 Million from the Girl Scouts

Elmo in the news a lot lately — some good, some fucking terrible — but nevertheless, the loving furrie cannot be avoided. This time, it's because some Elmo-costumed dude who enjoys harassing tourists with anti-Semitic outbursts was sentenced to a year in jail after admitting he tried to extort $2 million from his… » 10/11/13 9:35am 10/11/13 9:35am

Creep Who Hacked Miss Teen USA's Webcam Is as Awful as You'd Imagine

Authorities have arrested a 19-year-old fuckstick in connection with the webcam "sextortion" of a handful of women, including Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf. And, unsurprisingly, he sounds like an irredeemable shit smear of a person. » 9/27/13 3:20pm 9/27/13 3:20pm

Unauthorized Arizona-Based Sex Offender Sites Extorting Sex Offenders

A network of Arizona-based websites is using data from sex-offender registries maintained by law-enforcement agencies to basically extort money from purported sex-offenders, some of whom are either no longer required to register themselves or have never actually been convicted of a sex-related crime. » 5/28/13 4:40pm 5/28/13 4:40pm

Porn Downloaders Are Suing Porn Producers for Allegedly Shaming…

Porn producers have been capitalizing on American prudishness in a big way by obliquely threatening, i.e. through lawsuits, to erase the very discretion that is internet porn's solemn promise for viewers who illegally download videos. These furtive porn consumers, however, have had enough, and now a Kentucky federal… » 7/09/12 11:55pm 7/09/12 11:55pm

Christian TV Network Rocked By Sex Discrimination Scandal

Christian TV network Daystar made the news last year when its co-founder revealed he'd had an affair with an employee. Now an ex-employee says the network tolerated such affairs by its male employees, but fired her for having a consensual relationship with a coworker. » 3/29/11 1:42pm 3/29/11 1:42pm

Man Hacked Women's Email To Steal Naked Pictures

A California man has pled guilty to a crime one victim called "virtual rape": he hacked into hundreds of women's email accounts, found naked pictures, and sent them to everyone in the women's address books. » 1/14/11 4:40pm 1/14/11 4:40pm

STD Registry is Thousands Of Open, Oozing Lawsuits Waiting To Happen

It doesn't take any fancy book-learning to realize that a user-driven website that purports to list STD carriers could be abused by the public, especially when third-party accounts of the state of the others' genitals are considered reliable. » 1/02/11 1:15pm 1/02/11 1:15pm

Joran Van Der Sloot Admits To Extorting Holloway's Parents

Clearly with nothing to lose, the young murder suspect has admitted to extorting Natalee Holloway's parents by demanding money for the location of their daughter's body. His stated motivation: revenge. » 9/07/10 9:30am 9/07/10 9:30am

Joran Van Der Sloot Captured, Charged With Extortion

Joran Van der Sloot, suspected killer of Natalee Holloway and now Stephany Flores keeps looking worse: now he's accused of trying to sell information about the Holloway case for $250,000. » 6/04/10 9:30am 6/04/10 9:30am