Anti-Semitic Elmo Tries to Extort $2 Million from the Girl Scouts

Elmo in the news a lot lately — some good, some fucking terrible — but nevertheless, the loving furrie cannot be avoided. This time, it's because some Elmo-costumed dude who enjoys harassing tourists with anti-Semitic outbursts was sentenced to a year in jail after admitting he tried to extort $2 million from his… »10/11/13 9:35am10/11/13 9:35am

Porn Downloaders Are Suing Porn Producers for Allegedly Shaming Settlement Money Out of Them

Porn producers have been capitalizing on American prudishness in a big way by obliquely threatening, i.e. through lawsuits, to erase the very discretion that is internet porn's solemn promise for viewers who illegally download videos. These furtive porn consumers, however, have had enough, and now a Kentucky federal… »7/09/12 11:55pm7/09/12 11:55pm