What Happens in Your Body During a "Cleanse" or "Detox"

Juice cleanses, colon cleanses, fruit detoxes, sugar detoxes—we've all seen these things, but do they actually work? What are they supposed to do? Let's take a look at the science behind the fad. » 12/11/14 2:09pm 12/11/14 2:09pm

Why We're So Full Of Ourselves: In Defense of Narcissistic Qualities

There's a huge difference between being a "narcissist" and being self-centered, although you wouldn't know it by how often it's used as an insult. Even so, being a little self-centered isn't just a good thing, it's necessary for our mental health. Sure, there's a line, but let's talk about where that line is, and how… » 11/05/14 3:28pm 11/05/14 3:28pm

No, Bram Stoker Did Not Model Dracula On Vlad The Impaler

It's one of those so-called facts that everyone knows: Bram Stoker's character Count Dracula was loosely based on Vlad the Impaler. But while there's no doubt that Stoker took the name from Vlad III's patronymic, it's doubtful that the Impaler was actually the basis for the famous vampire. » 10/21/14 4:47pm 10/21/14 4:47pm

What The Heck Is Oculus Rift? A Guide To Facebook's $2 Billion Deal

What You Should Know About the Abuse Allegations Against Woody Allen

Last night at the Golden Globes, the legendary director and writer Woody Allen was presented with the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award. Everyone applauded–except for Allen's former family. "[D]id they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?" Allen's… » 1/13/14 8:25pm 1/13/14 8:25pm

The World of Japanese Husband Salaries

In Japan, there's the salary you get from your company. And if you are a married man, there's the salary you get from your wife. It's called "okozukai" (お小遣い), which is sometimes translated as "pocket money". Think of it as a husband salary. That's what it is. » 5/15/13 2:45pm 5/15/13 2:45pm

What You Need To Know About The Wal-Mart Sex-Discrimination Case

One legal scholar calls it "the most important case the Supreme Court will hear this year." That happens to be a gender discrimination case against Wal-Mart, which the Court will hear today. So what exactly makes this case so important? » 3/29/11 10:07am 3/29/11 10:07am

How We Can Help Japan

As the situation in Japan grows more dire, there's a lot of argument about how — and even if — Americans should donate to the disaster-ravaged country. Below, we break down some of the advice. » 3/16/11 2:00pm 3/16/11 2:00pm

It Still Doesn't Get Worse Than Insulting A Guy's Mom

This week, perhaps as a tribute to the late, great Bernie Mac, the "Explainer" on Slate takes on the universal taboo of "maternal incest" in insults - think "motherfucker." Why is this still the worst of the worst? » 3/13/09 2:00pm 3/13/09 2:00pm

Model Erin Wasson Can Only Imagine Depth of Her Own Generosity