Slender Lorises Mistakenly Accept Invitation to Ill-Fated Pants Party

Two adorable slender lorises unwittingly RSVPed to what, by all accounts, should have been a smashing good pants party. They probably spent weeks picking out funny pants (assless chaps? plaid? bell bottoms?) and telling their loris friends, who all said things like, "Oooo, take pictures!" and "Don't get too wasted!"… » 9/11/12 6:45pm 9/11/12 6:45pm

The State of New York Really Doesn’t Want You to Get that Pet Tiger…

A bill that would impose heavy penalties on careless exotic pet owners sailed through New York's State Assembly and Senate Thursday, dashing New Yorkers' dreams of one day raising their very own fuzzy tiger cubs into giant, self-heating, vibrating pillows. » 6/22/12 10:00am 6/22/12 10:00am

Turn In Your Pythons Before They Drive You Mad

If you had 25 quick-breeding Australian flying squirrels in your living room, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Which is why Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation decided to hold an Exotic Pet Amnesty Day, where owners of such squirrels as well as pythons, boas, turtles, geckos, and giant chameleons could turn… » 11/07/11 7:15pm 11/07/11 7:15pm

Exotic Animal Owner Died During "Consensual Sex Act"

More details have emerged in the death of Sam Mazzola: he apparently died as a result of a "consensual sex act" involving a seventeen-year-old boy. » 7/15/11 5:05pm 7/15/11 5:05pm

Exotic Animal Owner Found Dead, Chained To Waterbed

Well, here's the weirdest news story of today: an Ohio man was found asphyxiated in his bedroom, and now his friends have to figure out what to do with his lion. » 7/12/11 9:40pm 7/12/11 9:40pm