Woman Claims Priest Sexually Abused Her During the Course of a…

In an unusual turn of events, a woman in Virginia who sought spiritual help from a priest has claimed that he repeatedly sexually abused her during a "more than two-year exorcism." She initially went to Rev. Thomas Euteneur, who was president of a group called Human Life International, in February of 2008. He… » 6/29/12 3:00pm 6/29/12 3:00pm

Meet the Charlie's Angels of Exorcism (and Probably Fraud)

Bad news. Chances are that you have a demon inside of you. I know you thought that you were an autonomous being making your decisions through either reasoning or impulse, but you are wrong. There is a bit of the devil inside you and he controls everything you do apart from wearing pastels and reading The Family Circus » 4/05/12 11:50am 4/05/12 11:50am

Teen Exorcists Shopping Reality Show Can't Possibly Be Faking

A trio of teens say they're such seasoned exorcists that they're able to tell just by looking at someone whether or not the devil resides within. Their reverend mentor says they've exorcised scores of people in their young lives. I say that watching them explain all of this to Anderson Cooper is like a Mean Girls » 2/29/12 7:45pm 2/29/12 7:45pm