Heather Mills: Kids Have Never Heard of Some Guy Named Paul McCartney

Remember Heather Mills? Apparently everyone else does! Mills was on Ireland's The Late Late Show last night where she was repeatedly asked about her ex-husband, Paul McCartney. Mills tried to avoid the line of questioning, but a persistent host wouldn't let it go. "I think people are more interested than you allow… » 3/15/15 12:45pm 3/15/15 12:45pm

The Eternal Debate: Can You Ever Really Be Friends with Your Ex?

This week's episode of Girls was a marvel, offering a perfect snapshot of the horror of the rebound date, and more importantly, reviving the age-old question of whether you can ever really be "friends" with an ex. On the latter quandary, I say the jury is still out. » 3/03/15 5:00pm 3/03/15 5:00pm

J. Lo Explains the Allure of the Ugly-Hot Guy on WWHL!

The ugly-hot man is a type that exists in the world. He is the unconventionally attractive man who somehow oozes sex appeal. Jennifer Lopez has dated one or more of them, according to her. Might one of them be Marc Anthony? » 1/23/15 11:50am 1/23/15 11:50am

Video Demonstrates What You're Really Saying When You Run Into An Ex

Is there possibly anything worse than an awkward run-in with an ex you're not quite ready to see yet? In terms of awkardness, this scenario is probably topped by the dreaded "accidentally walking in on your parents having sex" or drunkenly showing up at a police station at 2 a.m., demanding they "fetch your royal… » 10/27/14 9:30pm 10/27/14 9:30pm

Sydney Leathers Fact-Checks Anthony Weiner's Politico Interview

Yesterday, I saw a piece about Anthony Weiner on Politico. Within this piece, Anthony announced his departure from politics as his own decision, long in the works. I found this interesting: not just because it was me, rather than his commitment to fatherhood, that crushed his political dreams, but also because he once… » 10/22/14 3:30pm 10/22/14 3:30pm

Krewella Kicked Out Their DJ For Not Partying, Says Lawsuit

Krewella is an EDM supergroup whose sisters, Yasmine and Jahan Yousef, are often two of the only women on the bill at the corporate EDM festivals that have taken over America. This story of how they allegedly dumped their male DJ because he got sober and now he is suing them for $5 million is absolutely bananas. » 10/02/14 6:40pm 10/02/14 6:40pm

​How to Get Over an Ex By Obsessing About Them Even More

Conventional wisdom usually instructs jilted lovers to do anything but fixate on their ex: Get busy, volunteer, sleep around, move to Finland. But what if instead you were encouraged to (anonymously) dive deep into the rabbit hole of your pain and — get this — stay as long as it takes? Now you can. » 9/12/14 1:20pm 9/12/14 1:20pm

For $5K, Match.com Will Set You Up With People Who Look Like Your Ex

Want to date someone who looks a lot like your ex, but who definitely isn't your ex? Are you willing to pay big bucks to find this person? If so, then Match.com has the perfect service for you. » 6/18/14 9:40am 6/18/14 9:40am

Jilted Woman Warns the World About Her Ex With Tragic/Awesome Flyers

A woman in the Lefferts Gardens area of Brooklyn has been posting long, rant-y flyers about her ex, colorfully warning other women to stay away from him. » 1/02/14 4:50pm 1/02/14 4:50pm

Real World: Ex-Plosion Will Be a Circus of Misery

Reality TV continues on as a medium, never wavering from its dogged path towards becoming a sadistic ritual orchestrated by cruel and ruthless overlords for the enjoyment of the masses. Hooray! What's next? Well, apparently The Real World (which is miraculously, impossibly STILL ON) will undergo a format shake-up… » 11/13/13 6:20pm 11/13/13 6:20pm

Woman Pranks Ex-Girlfriend in Silliest Revenge Story Ever

I've started (semi-jokingly) telling people I'm "pro-revenge" as a rule — it seems proactive — but I am not pro-making someone's live miserable, even if they dumped you. Here's a way to get back at your ex without fucking her over in the long-term. » 9/24/13 6:20pm 9/24/13 6:20pm

In Defense of the Bitchy New Girlfriend

We've all known her. Your ex has a new squeeze, and the second you roll up on this broad, she gives you the side-eye of a woman who is not believing your shit for one second. Whoa, you think, I'm just friends with this dude — I didn't do anything — what's her beef? We've all also probably been her. You're dating a new… » 2/04/13 6:00pm 2/04/13 6:00pm

Science Confirms Getting Back With Your Ex Will Only End in Tears

You may know from personal experience that getting back together with an ex can be bad news, but now there's science to back this up. One researcher has found that couples in "cyclical relationships" tend to have more problems — and worse marriages. » 2/27/12 4:00pm 2/27/12 4:00pm

Woman Calls Ex-Boyfriend 65,000 Times

A 42-year-old Dutch woman was charged with stalking for allegedly calling her ex-boyfriend 65,000 times in the past year. At a hearing, she insisted that they were in a relationship, so the number of calls "wasn't excessive." Aside from the alleged victim, we feel bad for the best friend who had to come up with a… » 9/09/11 9:30am 9/09/11 9:30am

How To Survive Meeting The Ex

Meeting your ex's new partner — or, for that matter, your new partner's ex — can be an incredibly stressful experience. But a few simple tips will help you stay cool and keep your dignity. » 4/14/11 4:41pm 4/14/11 4:41pm

When Friending Your Ex Works Out Just Fine

I found my ex-boyfriend on Facebook. Did you raise your eyebrows? Do you think this is a good idea? How do you imagine this story will end? Would it change your mind to learn that we broke up in 1978? » 8/05/10 6:35pm 8/05/10 6:35pm

Self-Absorbed Columnist Redefines The Art Of Crap Emails

The names and events here are true: CBS legal analyst Andrew Cohen wrote a horribly self-centered open letter to his ex on her wedding day. Lizzie Skurnick called him out on it. So Andrew wrote Lizzie a very Crap Email. » 7/27/10 2:36pm 7/27/10 2:36pm