I Think This Wacky GOOP Cardio Video Broke My Brain

Thinking of adopting a new exercise routine for spring? Well, right on time, GOOP has released a five-minute workout video starring Tracy Anderson, as a teaser for her upcoming dance cardio DVD, Unleash Your Inner Pop Star. And it looks so easy!!! Hahaha, PSYCH. » 3/20/14 5:15pm 3/20/14 5:15pm

Don't Get Too Cocky, Thin People: 'Skinny Fat' Is Coming For You

This one's for the effortless thin. We all know a person like this: one who never goes to the gym, subsists on a diet of burgers slathered in cheeses and sauces and bacons and non-diet soda yet never gains a pound, who hates the gym because "it smells" and drinks like a parched fish. A person who, despite what she puts… » 3/10/14 6:00pm 3/10/14 6:00pm

How to Start Exercising When You're Already Overweight

Healthy living isn't easy. For some, it comes naturally, but for those folks who are already overweight—large enough that it's difficult or even painful to do what thinner people can do—it's even tougher to get started. Here are some tips to help. » 2/12/14 10:09pm 2/12/14 10:09pm

No, Black Women Aren't Bad at Diet and Exercise

For years, the problem had researchers flummoxed — why, in weight loss trials that require participants to diet and exercise, did black women have consistently less dramatic results than their white counterparts? Now, one group of researchers purports to have the answer: it's not that black women aren't trying; it's… » 12/19/13 4:40pm 12/19/13 4:40pm

Science Decides That Even a Teensy Bit of Exercise Is Good for You

Even science can get a little frivolous over the holidays. We can be frustrated all the live long day that science hasn't yet given us a mech warrior army, amusement parks built around Saturn's rings, or cats with opposable thumbs, but frustration alone won't spur scientific innovation, especially this close to the… » 12/15/13 1:00pm 12/15/13 1:00pm

Good News: Sex Burns Calories, So You Can Keep Doing It

Have you ever thought "man, if only I had an accurate calorie burn count for sex I could spend an hour porking (sorry) instead of running on this treadmill like a chump?" Well, someone has your sexy back, and the news is pretty damn good! Basically, we're all Sweating to the Oldies in the bedroom — in a very sensual way. … » 12/05/13 9:30pm 12/05/13 9:30pm

Turns Out, Shake Weights are Pretty Much Useless

As most of us know, the Shake Weight is the revolutionary exercise device handcrafted in the fertile pastures of SCIENCE that harnesses the divine power of Dynamic Inertia and "ignites" the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and chest.

However, according to recent research published the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, … » 10/24/13 9:50pm 10/24/13 9:50pm

Concern Trolls Criticize Pregnant Weightlifter, Internet Remains Awful

The internet is not the place to go if you’re looking for universal validation for your life choices. Sure, you may run into a lot of similarly-minded people who will tell you, “Oh, it is extremely cool that you’re having a Christian Slater marathon this afternoon, and you’re right — best not even to bother with… » 9/22/13 12:30pm 9/22/13 12:30pm

Exercise Can Actually Affect Your Genes for the Better

Alright, you guys. Time to sit down and talk SCIENCE. As someone who took AP Biology and AP Chemistry in high school and only cried once a week in class, I am up on my science game. I once made a replica of a cell entirely out of soap and the whole thing weighed about 7 lbs. But enough about me and my many scientific… » 8/01/13 4:10pm 8/01/13 4:10pm

Welcome Global Warming in This Sexy Innertube Dress

It's fucking hot, and you want to get in the water right now? Well, this inflatable dress will cool you off in style — and you can probably even use it to masturbate, too. Both Gary Busey and this guy would be proud.* » 7/18/13 11:30pm 7/18/13 11:30pm