I Pooped Myself While Running a Marathon and Lived to Tell the Tale

Pillow Talk: The Meaning Of Dreams Depends On The Mood

Blame the hemorrhoids conversation and comments posted yesterday: Last night I had a long, extremely vivid dream about taking a shit. Luckily, there's a story in today's New York Times about dreams and their meaning. » 3/10/09 12:00pm 3/10/09 12:00pm

Pooping: The New Hot Shit

Do you ever get up from the toilet and take a look at your poo? Leslie Crawford did, and wrote about it for Salon. See, there's this incredibly successful new book, What's Your Poo Telling You?, which you can pick up at Urban Outfitters, among other places. Because excrement is not just "ejecta," as Crawford calls it.… » 3/12/08 3:40pm 3/12/08 3:40pm