'Marty Was Always My Best Friend': Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Love Story

Wives—and until 1981, they were always wives—of Supreme Court justices have historically had roles not unlike a gaggle of First Ladies: sitting for photographs in Good Housekeeping, sitting in a special reserved section of the court even after their husbands retired, gathering for lunch three times a year in what used… »10/27/15 2:22pm10/27/15 2:22pm

A Day in the Life of a Teen Mom in Feminist Utopia

The excerpt below comes from The Feminist Utopia Project, an anthology of essays and art that imagines what a feminist world could look like, featuring contributions by Melissa Harris-Perry and Sheila Heti. Writer Gloria Malone lays out a fictional schedule for a young parent, with a simplicity that makes a radically… »10/26/15 1:30pm10/26/15 1:30pm

Theater Geeks & Anorexic Alpha Bitches: Summer at Performing Arts Camp

Julie Klausner's first YA novel, Art Girls Are Easy, is being released as an original e-book on May 7th; the paperback hits on June 1. Set in the exclusive world of an upscale fine and performing arts camp, Art Girls Are Easy features Indigo Hamlisch, a fifteen-year-old art prodigy. She looks forward to her last… »5/05/13 1:30pm5/05/13 1:30pm

What Formspring Means For Friendship And Female Aggression

The parasites of the social media world are websites and applications that let users post anonymous messages about others. has been leading the pack. Untold thousands of teenagers have accounts on the site, which allows your audience –- almost always your classmates –- to write anything on your personal… »9/02/11 3:00pm9/02/11 3:00pm