Creepy Ex Texts Request for Rough Breakup Sex, Has Very Specific Hours

Contrary to popular belief, there is a statute of limitations on breakup sex and it is hours, not days, weeks or years after the breakup. So, no, you can't text your ex and ask them to have no-string-attached, "thereuputic" "hellosex" out of the blue. And if you do (don't!), at least be more suave than this guy. »9/22/14 5:10pm9/22/14 5:10pm


Woman Treated to Early Halloween Surprise: A Creepy Ex-Boyfriend Sleeping in Her Heating Ducts

Since we're right now wandering through something of a fun desert on our Gregorian calendar, you might want to get a jump on the candy-slinging, horror movie marathon-watching gateway to hell and the holiday season known as Halloween with the first unsettling, urban-legend story of the season: a woman from Rock Hill,… »9/11/12 9:15pm9/11/12 9:15pm