This Is How Men React to Being Catcalled by a Woman

Leah Green from The Guardian took to the streets of London with a hidden camera to see how unsuspecting men react when they are the targets of the same sexist taunts, insults and catcalls that women are subjected to every day. » 4/04/14 10:15am 4/04/14 10:15am

This Searing Video Puts a Man Through the Everyday Sexism Wringer

The French have been killing it recently, not only when it comes to planting nuts gossip about a Beyoncé/President Obama affair, but also when it comes to portraying the everyday sexism that women face by putting men in our shoes for once. » 2/10/14 6:20pm 2/10/14 6:20pm

Great comebacks to sexist comments

Ever been street harassed, been the butt of a sexist joke, or been subjected to any sexist comment and thought of the best comeback hours later? The Guardian has gathered some great examples of comebacks put forth by The Everyday Sexism Project via Twitter. » 12/07/13 5:54pm 12/07/13 5:54pm

Everyday Sexism Project Empowers Women, Receives Hate Mail (Of Course)

Laura Bates started the Everyday Sexism Project last year as a forum to allow women to speak about the sadly quotidian experience of sexism. Her hope was to give a few hundred women — if she was lucky — a safe space to share their experiences, free from marginalization or any social pressure to remain silent. A… » 4/16/13 3:05pm 4/16/13 3:05pm