Las Vegas Overwhelmed with Couples Rushing to Get Married on 12-12-12

My sister is about to run off and elope in Las Vegas without allowing me to live my dream of being both her flower girl and maid of dishonor. I know, she really sucks for choosing what she wants over what would make me happy (think: vegan cheese plate served on flabby abs of Fat Elvis impersonator and all night Robyn… » 12/12/12 10:00am 12/12/12 10:00am

RuPaul's Drag Race Throws A Party & Crowns A Winner

I'll be honest: I was rooting for my girl Alexis Mateo, because she seems so super sweet. And then, I had this vision that maybe Manila would win, because she has been so consistent. But of course, the winner is… Raja. Naturally. It seemed kind of obvious from the beginning that Raja was blowing the judges away with… » 4/26/11 1:50pm 4/26/11 1:50pm