The Presbyterians Just Came Around to Gay Marriage

Here's a crystal-clear sign just how widespread support for gay marriage has become: Even the Presbyterians are down for it. Ministers can now perform same-sex ceremonies in states where it's legal, and they're moving to redefine marriage in the church constitution so it's between "two people," rather than "a man and… »6/20/14 6:00pm6/20/14 6:00pm


Did a Horrifying Real Satanic Sex Abuse Case Inspire True Detective?

In a recent interview, True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto told Entertainment Weekly that his hit show's fictional inspirations range from high literature to low pulp. But it seems the show drew inspiration from elsewhere as well — an incredibly horrifying real case of satanism and sexual abuse in rural Louisiana in… »2/28/14 5:15pm2/28/14 5:15pm

'Ex-Gay' Christian Sex Cult Leader Accused of Arranging Wife's Murder

On October 30, the body of Bethany Deaton, the young wife of charismatic evangelical Christian prayer group leader Tyler Deaton, was found in the back of a van near her Grandview, Missouri home. The scene looked like a suicide — Bethany had a bag over her head, and a suicide note was found close by. But in the days… »11/20/12 4:00pm11/20/12 4:00pm

Evangelical Blowhard Dinesh D'Souza Seen Checking Into Hotel With Lady Who Was Not His Wife

As is the case with many an evangelical talking head, Dinesh D'Souza was recently caught with his hand up a temptresses' apple tree. The noted conspiracy theorist is very familiar with casting derision on other's life choices — please see: everything he's ever written, said, or thought about President Obama — but when… »10/17/12 9:30am10/17/12 9:30am

University's Code of Conduct Warns Against Abortion, Witchcraft, and Female Immodesty

Normally, Liberty University is one of those bizarre/annoying things you can just forget exists, like Branson, Missouri or the band Smashmouth, but not this weekend. Nope, this weekend, centrist and totally rational Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be addressing the hyper conservative evangelical university as… »5/11/12 4:00pm5/11/12 4:00pm