Evangelicals' Opposition to Gay Marriage Is Showing Some Cracks

Looks like the Earth still has a couple of miracles lying around: Seems the evangelical consensus against gay marriage, gay rights, and gays generally is starting to look a little crumbly. » 7/08/14 7:20pm 7/08/14 7:20pm

Evangelicals Still Trying to Grapple With Sex, Modernity

MEANWHILE, BACK IN THE BIBLE BELT: Evangelicals are still struggling with this whole "women's lib" thing. Let's check in with the debate over "Biblical womanhood" and submission, shall we? » 3/05/14 2:20pm 3/05/14 2:20pm

Over at The Atlantic, Abigail Rine examines the Evangelical push to revise the obsession with female purity and the "damaged goods" metaphor so heavily used in the religion's teachings. » 5/24/13 4:30pm 5/24/13 4:30pm

Young Evangelicals Are Sick of Abstinence Pledges and Homophobia

Good news for rationally-minded religious folk and nonbelievers alike: young evangelicals increasingly care less and less about abstinence, abortion, and same-sex marriage. Which is to say: they're more interested in, as one expert told Buzzfeed's Anna North, "outward expressions of the faith" than purity balls and… » 1/10/13 10:25am 1/10/13 10:25am

Another Religious Organization Accused of Covering Up Child Rape

What wouldn't Jesus do? Try not to act surprised, but another out-there group of holy rollers have been accused of trying to cover up the rape of a child. This time, the organization in the crosshairs is the big-haired Jesusophiles at Trinity Broadcasting Network, an evangelical Christian media group that owns five… » 6/27/12 2:45pm 6/27/12 2:45pm

Michele Bachmann Is Second-Best Evangelical Candidate, After Jesus

Evangelical voters are apparently turning away from Mitt Romney and embracing Michele Bachmann. Reason: "she speaks our code." » 6/07/11 9:57am 6/07/11 9:57am

Christian Men Beg Women Not To Dress Like Sluts

"Sometimes when I see a girl provocatively dressed, I'll say to myself, she probably doesn't even know that a 101 guys are going to devour her in their minds today," says pastor C.J. Mahaney in this sermon video on how women need to dress modestly for men's sakes, quoting a series of college guys. "Then again, maybe… » 4/04/11 6:45pm 4/04/11 6:45pm

Forever 21's Bizarre Knockoff Empire

The top row of shirts is by Forever 21. The bottom row is by a small California-based label called Trovata. Welcome to a peek behind the curtain at secretive, cult-y, and very rapidly growing fast-fashion chain Forever 21. » 1/24/11 4:55pm 1/24/11 4:55pm

Popular Female Evangelist Claims That What God Really Wants Is For…

Great news, ladies! According to God/a new ideological movement, it turns out that the best thing a woman can do is submit and let her husband do all of the hard, thinky stuff. How novel! » 11/14/10 12:50pm 11/14/10 12:50pm

The Anti-Pornography Debate Returns

Anti-porn activists — that familiar, yet still jarring coalition of women's studies professors and Bush administration vets — briefed interested members of congress on pornography and obscenity yesterday. Is this issue coming back to the agenda? » 6/16/10 3:30pm 6/16/10 3:30pm

A "Hollow, Thoughtless Core:" Why Evangelicals Hate The Princess And…

The Princess and the Frog has been a hit with viewers, but Christian groups are calling it "offensive" because of its supernatural references. And it turns out that Disney films have been pissing off evangelicals for years. » 1/08/10 9:30am 1/08/10 9:30am

The Trials of Ted Haggard Urges Viewers To Turn The Other Cheek

Ted Haggard already defended himself on Oprah yesterday, but tonight filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi will try once again to get us to feel sympathy for the disgraced former evangelical preacher in her HBO documentary. » 1/29/09 6:30pm 1/29/09 6:30pm

Tucker Carlson's Guide To Not Getting Divorced

Tucker Carlson, in responding to the response to the New York Times story about Ed Young's parishoners being ordered to have daily sex » 11/26/08 4:00pm 11/26/08 4:00pm, gets a lot of things wrong. And while that's not atypical for — let alone this one — it doesn't mean that one shouldn't count the ways that he just completely misses the point as to…

Obama And McCain Meet Rick Warren For The Betterment Of Rick Warren

Rick Warren is the author of A Purpose Driven Life » 8/18/08 10:00am 8/18/08 10:00am, which is a book I haven't read nor do I intend to read because I'm a bigger believer in the motivating nature of futility. But lots of people buy what Rick Warren is selling, so Barack Obama and John McCain schlepped to his California megachurch this weekend for a…

Not All Evangelicals Are Anti-Choice Or Anti-Dildo

Evangelical minister Adam Hamilton has written a book called Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White in which he argues that abortion should be available, legal and rare. In an interview with Newsweek, Hamilton says his job as a minister is "to support people no matter what decision they make." And Hamilton is not… » 4/09/08 5:00pm 4/09/08 5:00pm