Young Evangelicals Are Sick of Abstinence Pledges and Homophobia

Good news for rationally-minded religious folk and nonbelievers alike: young evangelicals increasingly care less and less about abstinence, abortion, and same-sex marriage. Which is to say: they're more interested in, as one expert told Buzzfeed's Anna North, "outward expressions of the faith" than purity balls and… »1/10/13 10:25am1/10/13 10:25am

Another Religious Organization Accused of Covering Up Child Rape

What wouldn't Jesus do? Try not to act surprised, but another out-there group of holy rollers have been accused of trying to cover up the rape of a child. This time, the organization in the crosshairs is the big-haired Jesusophiles at Trinity Broadcasting Network, an evangelical Christian media group that owns five… »6/27/12 2:45pm6/27/12 2:45pm

Tucker Carlson's Guide To Not Getting Divorced

Tucker Carlson, in responding to the response to the New York Times story about Ed Young's parishoners being ordered to have daily sex »11/26/08 4:00pm11/26/08 4:00pm, gets a lot of things wrong. And while that's not atypical for — let alone this one — it doesn't mean that one shouldn't count the ways that he just completely misses the point as to…

Obama And McCain Meet Rick Warren For The Betterment Of Rick Warren

Rick Warren is the author of A Purpose Driven Life »8/18/08 10:00am8/18/08 10:00am, which is a book I haven't read nor do I intend to read because I'm a bigger believer in the motivating nature of futility. But lots of people buy what Rick Warren is selling, so Barack Obama and John McCain schlepped to his California megachurch this weekend for a…