Middle-Aged Men Are Getting Fat Because They Need More Estrogen

For years, the conventional wisdom has held that men's declining "vitality" in later life—pot bellies, loss of muscle tone, sexual difficulties, etc.—was due to their falling levels of testosterone. But new research indicates that estrogen may play a more prominent role in male development than previously thought.… » 9/12/13 6:40pm 9/12/13 6:40pm

Super Hot Women More Likely to Have Super Painful Endometriosis

Italian scientists have announced that they've discovered a positive correlation between women being remarkably good looking and the likelihood that she'll have one of the worst kinds of lady pain. Leave it to the home of Silvio "Bunga Bunga" Berlusconi to commission a study that tracks the relationship between a… » 9/21/12 4:50pm 9/21/12 4:50pm

The Vaginal Ring to End All Vaginal Rings Might Be Coming Your Way Soon

The world's nations are coming together to create one all-powerful estrogen-free vaginal ring! Well, kind of: researchers from the Dominican Republic, Chile, the U.S., and Edinburgh are working together to design a ring containing ullipristal acetate (the same drug in the emergency contraceptive ella) that would be… » 5/14/12 7:45pm 5/14/12 7:45pm

Depo-Provera Found to Double Risk of Breast Cancer (But Don't Flip Out Just Yet)

Depo-Provera, the injectable contraceptive that's used by roughly 1.2 million women in the U.S., is incredibly convenient, effective, and relatively affordable. But according to a new study, it has a very scary side effect: doubling your risk of breast cancer. But before you freak out because it's coursing (or has… » 4/06/12 10:40am 4/06/12 10:40am

Caffeine Messes With Your Hormones Differently Depending On Your Race

New research has found that young women who drink caffeinated beverages on the daily experience changes in hormone levels. How much will your Starbucks and Diet Coke addictions affect your chemical ladyhood? Like being arrested in Arizona, the way caffeine treats your lady hormones depends on your race. » 1/27/12 6:20pm 1/27/12 6:20pm

Maybe Women Should Run The (Financial) World

Earlier this year, the financial community snickered at court filings by SAC Capital trader Andrew Tong » 9/30/08 1:00pm 9/30/08 1:00pm alleging that his bosses at the hedge fund forced him to take estrogen pills to become "feminine" and dress in "certain kinds of clothing." Until that point, everyone thought the whole point of being a stock trader…

Women's Voices Are "Sexiest" When They're "In Heat"

Though Scarlett Johansson is known for her deep and torrid voice, a new study shows that women are most attractive to the opposite sex when they are ovulating — because their voices go up in pitch. Researchers Nathan Pipitone and Gordon Gallup recorded women counting from 1 to 10 at different points in their menstrual… » 5/01/08 9:30am 5/01/08 9:30am

Your Birth Control Is Killing Unborn Babies, Fatheads

Lots of anti-birth control pill news on the wires today. The first story comes from the Economist by way of Canada: A Canuck scientist has found that extra estrogen, which can get into rivers and lakes through the toilet-flushed urine of birth control takers, kills fish. Karen Kidd, an ecotoxicologist at the… » 2/21/08 4:30pm 2/21/08 4:30pm