A Visual Explanation Of Female Self-Loathing

In their admittedly unscientific study, Nina Orezzoli and Mark Robinson compared the ads in the March issues of Maxim, Cosmo and Essence that featured women's breasts, butts, and legs, as well as the amount of times that "T&A were used to sell T&A," like porn or phone sex ads. Essence featured 5% gratuitous body parts as… » 3/11/11 6:10pm 3/11/11 6:10pm

Marion Cotillard Ditches Her Eyebrows For French Vogue Cover

Woman's World: Essence & Cosmo Make "A-List"

AdvertisingAge's magazine A-List is not about ad pages or circulation: Winners are magazines which "truly operate as brands." Some mags in the top 10 — The Economist; National Geographic; People — are no-brainers. But Essence and Cosmopolitan are interesting choices: » 10/19/09 11:00am 10/19/09 11:00am