Why Do So Many People Think They Know the Best Way for a Woman to Live? 

Rebecca Solnit, the essayist best known for Men Explain Things to Me—a book whose lens on gender and violence expands much further than the brief excerpt on “mansplaining” that it’s become known for—has written a new essay for Harper’s called “The Mother of All Questions,” and it’ll be one of the best things, easily,… »11/04/15 5:00pm11/04/15 5:00pm


My Vassar College Faculty ID Makes Everything OK

The fourth time a Poughkeepsie police officer told me that my Vassar College Faculty ID could make everything OK was three years ago. I was driving down Wilbur Avenue. When the white police officer, whose head was way too small for his neck, asked if my truck was stolen, I laughed, said no, and shamefully showed him… »11/30/14 2:30pm11/30/14 2:30pm

Stop Confusing Gender Dysphoria With Body Dysmorphia Already

Conflation of gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia seems hard to imagine to those who are very well aware of both of these terms. However, it seems to be a fairly common point of confusion in articles about transgender individuals and extremely prevalent in the comments sections of other transgender related articles. »8/09/14 1:32pm8/09/14 1:32pm

Hillary Clinton Must Decide Where She Stands on Gay and Trans Rights

Although the former Secretary of State, presidential candidate, senator, and First Lady of the United States has played coy on whether or not she is running again, most political observers, both professionals and amateurs, think there is little question she will. I'm definitely one of those who believe she will.… »7/22/14 10:54pm7/22/14 10:54pm

This is Why Mississippi is the Worst State for LGBT+ Rights

Being from Texas, I feel for others who are in states or regions constantly being used to score cheap laughs in the media. However, when it comes to being behind the times, Mississippi is further back than... Well, everyone else. And the state is probably going to have be dragged kicking and screaming towards the rest… »5/22/14 6:09pm5/22/14 6:09pm

Your Childhood Pal, Anne of Green Gables, Was Probably Queer

Anne of Green Gables may not be the the first work on your list of "classic queer literature," but maybe it should be. There's something about Anne Shirley which seems, at least to me, undeniably queer. It's little wonder that I have always identified heavily with Anne and the novel remains my favorite novel of all… »5/15/14 11:08pm5/15/14 11:08pm

Intersex: What is It, and What It Means for Sexuality

If some people are born neither male nor female, what does that say about our traditional views of sex and gender, and as these individuals will grow up to have sexual orientations, how can those orientations be defined? These are the questions asked by Michael Passaro in an essay which explores the possibility for a… »5/06/14 11:04pm5/06/14 11:04pm

If There's a Transgender Culture, I'm Not Part of It

Recently the term "transgender culture" has became more and more common a term in discourse about LGBT topics. Perhaps alongside "gay culture" or "queer culture," this new term is seen as recognising the unique lived experiences of transgender individuals. Yet, is this a term with actual substance? »4/28/14 9:06pm4/28/14 9:06pm

Will The Anglican Communion Tear Itself Apart Over LGBT Issues?

I grew up Roman Catholic. Yet, two years ago, I left communion with Rome after Pope Benedict XVI called same-sex marriage the most significant threat to Western civilisation in the world today. I turned to the Episcopal Church, part of the Anglican Communion, as my new spiritual home. But I fear that home will fall,… »4/15/14 9:55pm4/15/14 9:55pm

LGBT Day of Silence Isn't About Us, It's About You

Today is the LGBT Day of Silence in the United States and many other parts of the world. It's supposed to be symbolic of the silence in which LGBT youth suffer their hidden sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Specifically it is supposed to draw attention to bullying's ability to silence self expression. In some… »4/11/14 10:04am4/11/14 10:04am

My Safety As A Trans Person Requires Individual Unisex Bathrooms

Let's talk about bathrooms. Let's talk about the transgender experience with bathrooms. Let's talk about my experiences with bathrooms. Let's talk about how what I need, and what I feel other trans people need, is often actually ignored in the sensational debate over all-gender bathrooms/mixed gender bathrooms, or… »3/17/14 10:58pm3/17/14 10:58pm

Sorry, Straight Gals, I'll Kiss You But I Won't Date or Sleep With You

Women who identify as straight and who kiss other women for attention, a thrill, or "an experience." Sigh. I used to find them profoundly annoying. Maybe not so much anymore. Yet while I have nothing against a good make out session with Ms. Straighty McStraightyPants, I'm also not really interested in dating her. Or… »3/13/14 11:28am3/13/14 11:28am

Lena Dunham's Ode to Takeout Is Surprisingly Tender

Lena Dunham's essay "Deliverance" appears in the November issue of The New Yorker and it's a surprisingly delicate and sensitive piece on what it's like to get raised on takeout food as opposed to home cooked meals. (Disclaimer: If you like Lena Dunham then you will probably like this essay; if you don't like Lena… »10/29/13 12:40pm10/29/13 12:40pm