Website Lets Users Rate Escorts Like Yelpers Review Restaurants

Before I go to most restaurants, like any other responsible and tech-savvy smart phone owner, I always check their Yelp page. I've successfully avoided severe diarrhea multiple times thanks to loyal Yelpers who have yelped warnings with multiple exclamation points about that grilled cheese place down the block and… » 4/30/13 6:40pm 4/30/13 6:40pm

'Millionaire Madam' Just Your Ordinary Suburban Mom

Forty-four year old Anna Gristina — also known as Anna Scotland — "looks like a normal mom," according to a local resident on New York's Upper East Side. But the petite, green-eyed blonde was allegedly running a brothel in the neighborhood for 15 years, and claimed to have made millions. Gristina, who actually lives… » 3/06/12 2:30pm 3/06/12 2:30pm

Bjork Feels Bad For China; Hair Dye Equals Death

• Bjork feels sorry for China. You know, over all that Tibet stuff. • Italian porn star runs for office, promises to create "cute" red light district. • H.S. teacher resigns after being outed as madam. • Macho, alcoholic men have trouble dealing with serious injuries. • Gabrielle Union sues Craigslist pranksters over… » 4/11/08 5:20pm 4/11/08 5:20pm

Why Did Eliot Spitzer Risk Everything To Pay For Sex?

Yesterday we looked at the Spitzer scandal from the prostitutes' point of view, and now we ask the question: why did Eliot risk everything to bone a hooker in the first place? One possibility, according to the Times of London, is that he's addicted to sex. An anonymous columnist writes in today's paper, "My desire for… » 3/13/08 9:30am 3/13/08 9:30am