Woman Artists Remix 'Hotline Bling,' Tell Drake to Sit The Fuck Down 

Recently, as if acting of their own volition or by the direction of some cruel puppeteer, my hands navigated to iTunes and purchased Drake’s single “Hotline Bling.” At first I bemoaned this purchase, which I was certain would result in nothing more than the foolhardy loss of $1.29 and some extra data languishing on my… »11/17/15 6:50pm11/17/15 6:50pm


Watch the Video for Miley’s New Weed-and-Glitter-Fueled Single

Miley’s free-love surprise album hit the internet like a glitter bath bomb last night, an off-label release just after her VMA-closing, neon drag-queen extravaganza introducing her new sound. The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, who co-produced “Dooo It,” told the New York Times, “Miley is the new Madonna,” referring to the… »8/31/15 12:25pm8/31/15 12:25pm

Michelle Obama’s Black Girls Rock Speech Is the Pep Talk You Needed

First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama graced the stage of BET’s Black Girls Rock on Sunday night to champion the accomplishments of three teen girls. For some, her words were problematic, but for others—like the other little black girls in the audience—all that mattered was that the first African-American… »4/06/15 5:50pm4/06/15 5:50pm

Erykah Badu Made It Onto Yet Another Local Dallas Newscast

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport grounded flights this week due to an impending storm, leaving locals stranded—including Erykah Badu, who calls Dallas home. CBS-DFW 11 happened to be in her terminal, and wondered what we all were: what does this musical god think when dealing with something so banal? "It's… »2/25/15 1:10pm2/25/15 1:10pm

Rick Ross Got a Cazal Face Tattoo, Discuss

Ricky Rozay decided that a good thing to do just before he turns 39 later this month was to get seven new face tattoos to add to the one already on his lower lip. That is all fine. The thing I have questions about is that, among his crown, crosses, and Maybach Music tats he has also inked the logo for Cazal, the… »1/08/15 4:50pm1/08/15 4:50pm

​Erykah Badu Trolls News Reporter on Live TV, Tries To Kiss Him

Even celebrities can't resist goofing around behind a reporter's back during a broadcast. On Friday, PIX11's Mario Diaz was in Midtown in New York City reporting on Shia LaBeouf's arrest, when a woman in a large Pharrell-style hat appeared and started doing some run-of-the-mill live TV antics. She walked back and… »6/29/14 5:46pm6/29/14 5:46pm

Prince Makes Janelle Monáe and Erykah Badu Even Cooler, If That Was Possible

When Janelle Monáe and Eryklah Badu teamed up for their video for the song "Q.U.E.E.N.", our own Madeleine Davies called it "possibly the most fun and stylish music video of all time." The pair have managed to up their cool factor 5000 percent by getting Prince himself to remix the song, which is basically like… »6/26/13 5:45pm6/26/13 5:45pm

Here Are Janelle Monáe and Erykah Badu in the Most Stylish Video EVER

Have you ever watched a music video and thought "I want to live in that"? If not, get ready: Janelle Monáe and Erykah Badu have created what is possibly the most fun and stylish music video of all time. Just wait — tomorrow we'll all be sporting fringed tuxedos and streaks of red down our faces because that's the… »5/02/13 6:20pm5/02/13 6:20pm

Flaming Lips Replace Erykah Badu with Amanda Palmer in their Cummy, Bloody, NSFW Video

The Flaming Lips kicked up their fair share of controversy a couple months back when they released their collaboration with Erykah Badu, a cover of Roberta Flack's heart-wrenching "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," along with a video featuring Badu's sister Nayrok naked, in a bath tub and slathered with bodily… »8/27/12 7:00pm8/27/12 7:00pm