Professional Jagoff Nicknames Wendy Davis 'Abortion Barbie'

Right wing pundit Erick Erickson has made a career out of saying idiotic things loudly and then acting incredibly pleased with himself, like an attention-starved toddler proudly showing his mother that he just shit in her casserole dish "like a big boy." His latest attempt at clever-making? Repeatedly referring to… » 8/08/13 1:30pm 8/08/13 1:30pm

Yesterday Fox News contributor Erick Erickson Tweeted a now-deleted link to a hanger wholesale supply store as a statement intended for pro-choice women (or, as Ericson calls them, "kid killers.") » 7/14/13 2:15pm 7/14/13 2:15pm

Fox Newsbot Megyn Kelly Hands Misogynists Their Asses on a Plate

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Megyn Kelly, Lou Dobbs, or Erick Erickson? Kelly just made the HARDEST QUESTION EVER POSED a little easier by slamming the two other contenders for arguing that it's unnatural for women to be breadwinners because Erickson has mommy issues and preschool-level science expertise. Bonus: Kelly's the… » 5/31/13 4:00pm 5/31/13 4:00pm

Fox News Dudes Think Lady Breadwinners are 'Anti-Science' Freaks

Mothers are now the primary or sole breadwinners in 40% of American households with children, according to a new Pew study. Some (breadwinning women) reported actually wanting this change. Others (sniveling Fox pundits) say apocalypse is nigh and that it's "anti-science" for women to "dominate." » 5/30/13 5:40pm 5/30/13 5:40pm

CNN's Resident Conservative Jackass Calls the DNC 'The Vagina…

Last night, several women spoke at the Democratic National Convention, among them First Lady Michelle Obama and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. And Erik Erickson, CNN's token bombastic jagoff conservative decided to present us with some light hearted bon mots about the speaking roster, calling the DNC "The… » 9/05/12 7:50pm 9/05/12 7:50pm