George Clooney Says He Didn't Hold Hands with Any Non-Keibler Women

And also you're a jerk and you need to shut up, you dumb idiot. Responding to rumors that he finger-cheated with an old flame whilst punting on the Thames or something, George Clooney fired back that the media is a bunch of lying dum-dums who fabricate all manner of salacious things about Clooney's finger activity in… » 5/29/13 8:00pm 5/29/13 8:00pm

Britney's Team Tries To Dispel Rumors

Today in Tweet Beat, Britney Spears' managers take to her Twitter account to deny tabloid reports that she admitted her boyfriend gave her a black eye. Plus, Jackie Collins wants to see Jake Gyllenhaal ween. » 12/01/10 7:30pm 12/01/10 7:30pm

Lisa Rinna Tells It Like It Is

Today in Tweet Beat, Lisa Rinna gets some thoughts on prison rape off her mind, Eric Roberts confesses that he loves menopause, and Justin Bieber is developing a fragrance for women. » 10/26/10 7:30pm 10/26/10 7:30pm

Comedians Mourn Greg Giraldo On Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, fellow comedians get somber over Greg Giraldo's death, and Teresa Giudice denies reported feud with her sister-in-law. Plus, an update on Lil Wayne's prison release. » 9/29/10 7:45pm 9/29/10 7:45pm

Michael Jackson's Shady Doctor To Consult FDA

Today in Tweet Beat, Michael Jackson's questionably ethical dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein has been made a consultant for the FDA. Plus, Eric Roberts talks about why he got off the pot. » 9/09/10 8:00pm 9/09/10 8:00pm

Eric Roberts Tweets From Celebrity Rehab

Today in Tweet Beat, Eric Roberts is trying not to be a pothead, Kim Zolciak gives an update on the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Kelly Bensimon gets inspirational. » 7/27/10 7:15pm 7/27/10 7:15pm

Casey Affleck Sued For Sexual Harassment; Lindsay Might Be Released…

John McCain Addresses Snooki's Tax Concerns

Today in Tweet Beat, Senator John McCain reaches out to Snooki regarding her concern on tanning-bed taxes, Diablo Cody shows off her baby belly, and Chris Brown shows off his philanthropy with photos of giant checks. » 6/09/10 8:00pm 6/09/10 8:00pm

Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy Throw In The Towel Via Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are "grateful" but not dating, Diablo Cody is pregs, and Michael Jackson's dermatologist claims that MJ didn't like to shoot up. » 4/06/10 8:00pm 4/06/10 8:00pm

Jane Fonda Loves Kelly Cutrone

Today in Tweet Beat, while some celebs pick fights with one another on Twitter (like Lindsay Lohan and George Lopez), Jane Fonda and Kelly Cutrone focus on their mutual admiration for each other. » 3/30/10 7:20pm 3/30/10 7:20pm

Kim Zolciak Sleeps With Men, Women, & Wigs

Today in Tweet Beat, Kim Zolciak blankets herself in fake hair, Kelly Bensimon doesn't seem to be taking her own advice, and, on a sadder note, Kathy Griffins dog has died. » 3/25/10 8:00pm 3/25/10 8:00pm

Snooki Does Q&A; Adrienne Curry Disses Kim Kardashian

Today in Tweet Beat, Snooki answers followers questions in a video (she will eat "any frickin' pickle"), Justin Bieber hits on Barbara Walters, and Nelly is eating a complete breakfast. » 3/22/10 7:20pm 3/22/10 7:20pm

Kelly Osbourne Thinks Tabloids Are Sending Terrible Messages About Body…

Today in Tweet Beat, Kelly Osbourne is pissed off at Heat for twisting her words from her recent Us cover, Ice-T's wife's butt looks remarkably similar to breasts, and Heidi Montag just wants some world peace. » 2/25/10 7:30pm 2/25/10 7:30pm