Man Stabbed in Dick 24 Times to Tame 17-Hour Erection

Here's a story that you won't soon forget: A man was rushed to the emergency room after sustaining an erection that lasted almost a full day. The way that the doctors had to bring him down will turn your stomach. Or give you sympathy pains. Look, it's not good, okay? » 10/07/14 7:15pm 10/07/14 7:15pm

King Tut Was Embalmed With an Erection

That's right, folks. Tutankamen was buried with his penis at a 90-degree angle in order to fool his people into believing that he was Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld. » 1/06/14 4:45pm 1/06/14 4:45pm

German Pop Star Has 48-Hour Erection

A German pop star claims he had an erection for two days following an overdose of Viagra. Tom Kaulitz had apparently never seen a single commercial for the drugs, else he would have called the doctor after four hours. [TheSun] » 5/14/10 11:40am 5/14/10 11:40am

For Stronger Erections, Choose Sexlets

A Florida company has created a brand of gum they say helps boost male libido. But before you reach for the magnums, Sexlets "don't claim to cure anything" and are available for the low, low price of $11.97. [UPI] » 2/15/10 10:40am 2/15/10 10:40am