Your Gym Is Watching You. Counting. Monitoring. Waiting.

Instead of just barking "100 more crunches (and faster)!" at you, some trainers are now electronically tracking their clients with devices like Fitbits. And if you’re training somewhere like Life Time Fitness, your coach will text you if your exercise band says you aren’t sweating like you’re supposed to be. »4/17/14 6:00pm4/17/14 6:00pm


Weird-Ass Equinox Ads Do Not Make You Want to Go to the Gym

If you're not among the denizens of a smattering of major US cities (or Toronto), chances are you've been spared the confuzzling weirdness that are ads for Equinox gyms. Last year, they demanded to know if I was "skinny-fat," which is 100% not a thing, and now, they're implying that working out there can make you… »1/14/14 3:05pm1/14/14 3:05pm

Equinox Ditches Famed Pervert Terry Richardson For Next Ad Campaign

Demonic incarnation of the penetrative male gaze and all-around terrible person Terry Richardson will no longer be shooting ad campaigns for the high-end gym chain Equinox; the company's opted to go in a "sportier" (less naked and tritely sexualized) direction. Sad news for Terry Richardson fans everywhere — so,… »10/29/13 5:00pm10/29/13 5:00pm

The Awesome Woman Paid to Lure You into Equinox Gyms Doesn't Even Work Out

Today's New York Times has a profile of Bianca Kosoy, the executive creative director at Equinox. Now, the gym has had some criticism for its ads (shot by Terry Richardson, of course), but you can't help reading abut Kosoy and coming to the conclusion that this woman is, in a word, awesome. (Just look at her here, here »8/30/12 6:00pm8/30/12 6:00pm

Equinox’s ‘Skinny Fat’ Awareness Ad Wants to Control Your Mind

Thanks to a helpful tipster, we get a chance to deal with this charming ad tonight. You can always rely on a very expensive palaestra such as Equinox to ignite whatever tinderbox of social insecurities or paralyzing hypochondria you've managed to suppress just long enough to feign confidence while you're surrounded by… »3/11/12 11:45pm3/11/12 11:45pm

Terry Richardson Criticized For Putting Thin Models In Gym Ad

New ads shot by Terry Richardson have managed to stir up some complaints despite the fact that for the most part, everyone involved in the shoot (including Richardson) remained clothed. The problem is that the campaign is meant to promote the gym Equinox, yet the images portray the women as thin and waify, not… »1/04/12 12:20pm1/04/12 12:20pm