Going Forward After Intolerance Wins Out On The West Coast

Let's just all admit it. False optimism aside, the religious wackjobs who spent millions upon millions of dollars to deny equal rights to U.S. citizens because of whom they choose to spend their lives with have won the day in sunny and supposedly liberal state of California. As of 9:40 ET this morning, with 95% of… »11/05/08 2:40pm11/05/08 2:40pm

Standing Up For Equality Can Have Its Downsides

Matt Welch at Reason »10/13/08 4:30pm10/13/08 4:30pm is over an ages-old report unearthed by the that . Selective Service is — if you're not aware — a pre-draft procedure for which all men 18-25 have to register in case we decide to institute a draft. Women can't register for it since the military prevents us from serving in combat — . But what…