Yep, Ballers Will Be Every Dude's New Obsession

A nation of dudes wiped off their dried up Entourage spittle and tuned in to the premiere of HBO’s Ballers, which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Spencer Strasmore, a retired Miami Dolphins player turned financial advisor. Broke athletes, with a side of tits, is what it is, and it’s likely to be every football… »6/22/15 12:00pm

Entourage Is So Bad It Put Us in a Terrible Mood


On Wednesday, June 3, the feature length version of HBO’s Entourage was unleashed on America’s movie theaters like the cinematic equivalent of a venereal disease (hyped, preventable, and the uncomfortable manifestation of an activity—in this case, watching a weekly half hour sitcom about Hollywood dickwads—that you… »6/10/15 2:15pm

‘Leaked Pages’ on the Entourage Movie Tumblr Is the Best Thing About the Entourage Movie

Perhaps you heard this week that Mark Wahlberg would be taking a big shit in a multiplex near you producing an Entourage movie, and exclaimed to the coffee-stained pages of your unfinished Odysssey-with-housecats screenplay, "BUT WHY?? I miss Party Down! Will this negatively affect the progress of the Party Down »2/03/13 12:00pm

Foolhardy Princess Tries to Sneak Out of Hotel Without Paying $7.5 Million Bill

Princesses are supposed to be the pictures of grace and propriety, but apparently one Saudi princess didn't get the memo. She tried to sneak out a Paris hotel in the middle of the night without paying the six million euro bill she'd racked up. (That's nearly 7.5 million American dollars or, as it is more formally… »6/05/12 9:30am