Entertainment Tonight Is Still Obsessed with Angelina Jolie's Leg

Two days after the Oscars, Entertainment Tonight based its entire Tuesday night broadcast on Angelina Jolie's right leg, reporting on its Twitter account, recruiting talking heads to opine on it, interviewing other celebrities about it, pegging essentially every news story to it and even doing a special segment on… »2/29/12 12:00pm2/29/12 12:00pm


Crystal Harris Pretends To Cry While Explaining Hef Breakup

Crystal Harris continued her Runaway Bride press tour last night on Entertainment Tonight; it was her first television interview since announcing earlier this week that she would not marry Hugh Hefner as planned on Saturday. While she did try to cry during her interview, Crystal was mostly all smiles as she… »6/17/11 11:20am6/17/11 11:20am

Michael Lohan's Love Child Already Working The Press

Michael Lohan sure has a knack for joining forces with others who are also more than willing to put their children in the spotlight. Lohan's alleged love child Ashley and her mother Kristi Kaufman were interviewed on Entertainment Tonight yesterday, in which the two talked about how much Ashley looks like Lindsay —… »7/15/08 11:00am7/15/08 11:00am

Mr. and Mrs. Carey-Cannon Celebrate Their Rollercoaster Love Story At Six Flags

The Entertainment Tonight crew were the only press allowed access to the surprise pink and purple, butterfly-themed wedding party that Nick Cannon threw for his bride Mariah Carey at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Of course, they're spreading the footage over four days, which is annoying, but above is the first… »5/15/08 2:30pm5/15/08 2:30pm

The Skinny On Entertainment Tonight's Hunger For Eating Disorders

I'm obsessed with "the entertainment news hour" of The Insider and Entertainment Tonight. I just feel like I'm in a Paul Verhoeven-like society whenever I watch the show, with all its sparkly graphics and ridiculous commentary. It's like a giant hand that reaches into people's skulls to pet their brains, and wipe away… »2/12/08 6:00pm2/12/08 6:00pm