The Aggressively Terrible Life of the Real Simple Holiday Hostess

It's the holidays: time for women to be endlessly instructed in the fine art of entertaining. But, like witches, hostesses come in the categories of "good" and "bad." Lady Macbeth is a bad hostess. She and her husband plot to kill Duncan while he is staying with them. It's bad enough to murder a man while he sleeps,… » 12/23/14 5:00pm 12/23/14 5:00pm

Etiquette: "My Guests Took Back Their Wine."

We've all wanted to do it. You didn't drop perfectly good money a decent bottle of plonk you could find only to have your hosts let it languish, ignored, to be guzzled without you. » 7/08/10 3:19pm 7/08/10 3:19pm