Jezebel's Advent Calendar of Crap, Day 16: Avatar's Back

Remember four years ago, when everyone got baked and went to see Avatar? Today everyone got a reminder that James Cameron isn't done with us yet. Variety reports he just locked down a deal to make three sequels in New Zealand. Mark your calendars for December 2016, December 2017 and December 2018. » 12/16/13 8:30pm 12/16/13 8:30pm

Time Machine Somehow Sends Sunday Times Back To 2005

"News changes hour by hour, and you have to keep up or risk losing the plot. I'm referring, of course, to the three-way relationship in flux that is Brad and Angelina and Jennifer." [Times Online] » 7/05/09 4:15pm 7/05/09 4:15pm

If You Won't Vote For Barack, Would You Consider Voting For Michelle?

A lot of people would like to believe that the world — and politics — is a fairly rational place outside of the crazies. Crazy is, though, a definitional problem — by definition, crazy is defined as "outside the norm." So what is the norm? How many non-normals can there be until "crazy" is its own norm? Is… » 8/04/08 6:00pm 8/04/08 6:00pm

'Lucky' Magazine's Subtle, Feminine, Chic, Annoyingly One-Track Mind

One million words in the English language, and not a single damn synonym for "luxe." Such is the eternal dilemma faced by the put-upon editors of Lucky magazine, who month after month seem to find themselves with an array of minidresses, cigarette pants and flirty little clutches too bountiful to properly describe… » 8/07/07 3:30pm 8/07/07 3:30pm

Oprah Pushing The Finding-A-Moral Agenda A Little Too Hard