British Salon Owner Arrested for Announcing She Won't Book Any 'Muslin or Islamic Client'

A British beauty parlor owner named April Major has been arrested for a series of Facebook posts in which she announced that her fake eyelash emporium, Blinks of Bicester, would no longer book “Muslin” (yep) or “Islamic” clients. “Sorry but time to put my country first,” she wrote. »11/16/15 9:10am11/16/15 9:10am

Check Out 'Pricasso,' a Dude Who Makes Beautiful Masterpieces With His Talented Schlong

Painting portraits with his junk is a talent that Tim Patch, known as “Pricasso,” didn’t share with the world until later in life. But the sexagenarian artist is making up for lost time by putting all his other creative works (unsurprisingly he’s done a lot of wood-carving) on the back burner while he thrills the… »10/20/15 6:10pm10/20/15 6:10pm

Angry Mob Attacks Hipster Cereal Cafe in Protest Against Gentrification

Anti-gentrification activists calling themselves the “Fuck Parade,” toting torches, buckets of paint, and pig head masks on spikes, attacked a cereal cafe in London on Saturday night. The owners of the Cereal Killer Cafe said their staff and customers had to “barricade themselves” inside while the protesters wrote… »9/28/15 11:20am9/28/15 11:20am

Watch This 5-Year-Old British Lad Learn He's 'Going to Be a New Big Bruvva!'

How do you keep your pregnancy reveal video from being cloying and obnoxious? Hire this little boy to act as your shocked and thrilled son. Or at least hire someone (preferably a child) who can deliver a line like “Are you really having a bay-bay? Is it in your belly now?” with a similarly adorable inflection. »8/27/15 4:50pm8/27/15 4:50pm

Antique Shop Owner Accused of Killing Mother By Choking Her with Rosary Beads

A 61-year-old woman is accused of killing her 93-year-old mother by jamming rosary beads down her throat. An attorney for Francesca Martire doesn’t deny that she placed the rosary beads in her mother’s mouth, fearing that the older woman had fallen because of the devil, but says she didn’t choke her. »8/14/15 4:40pm8/14/15 4:40pm

Kids Burn Their Books, Accidentally Knock Out Power to 135,000 Homes

Kids celebrating the last day of school in England this week accidentally (or maybe deliberately?) caused 135,ooo homes and businesses to lose power when they participated in a book-burning ritual. What the children didn’t expect was for the fire to travel to power lines and cut electricity to large areas of Essex and… »7/24/15 5:30pm7/24/15 5:30pm

Church of England Group Recommends Letting God Be a 'She' Sometimes

A group within the Church of England that successfully advocated for female bishops is now recommending that church liturgy alternate between “He” and “She” when referring to God. A member of the group, Rev. Judy Stowell, tells the Guardian that exclusively referring to God as “He” gives worshippers a “deficient… »6/01/15 11:30am6/01/15 11:30am

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Sect Bans Women from Driving Children to School

The London Evening Standard and the Jewish Chronicle are reporting that an ultra-Orthodox Jewish group in North London has banned women from driving their children to school. A group of teachers and rabbis reportedly sent out a letter saying women driving goes against “the traditional rules of modesty in our camp.”… »5/29/15 1:30pm5/29/15 1:30pm