Very British Heckler Politely Pursues Boris Johnson Down the Street, Calls Him 'Absolute Rubbish' 

Former London Mayor and human haystack blown askew by heavy winds Boris Johnson faked everybody out real good this week. He campaigned fiercely for the historically bad idea known as Brexit and then, when it was achieved, abruptly announced that he didn’t want to run the country and figure out how to implement it…

All the Delightfully Nutty Red Carpet Looks at the Absolutely Fabulous Premiere

Darlings, the Absolutely Fabulous movie premiere has finally arrived, and it is eccentric city! I hardly know who most of these people are, but I don’t care, because they’re all wearing weird, slightly ill-fitting outfits, and when do you even get that anymore in the day of the celebrity stylist?! What a relief!

Member of Parliament Jo Cox Fatally Shot, Stabbed After Weekly Meeting With Her Constituents [Updated]

Jo Cox, a 41-year-old member of Parliament, has reportedly died after being shot and stabbed in public Thursday morning by a man who reportedly shouted “Britain first” as he attacked her. Cox has publicly supported remaining in the European Union during Brexit, the ongoing debate over whether Great Britain should…


76-Year-Old Jewel Thief Used His Senior Citizen's Bus Pass to Go Steal $20 Million in Loot

Seven men have been convicted or pleaded guilty in London to stealing £14 million —$20 million— in gold, diamonds, sapphires, and cash from an underground vault. It’s believed to be the largest burglary in English history, and certainly the funniest: The ringleader, according to police, was 76 years old, and he used…

Archeologists Discover 'Bronze Age Pompeii' in England: 'This Is a World Full of Swords'

Archeologists from the University of Cambridge have discovered the amazingly well-preserved remains of a Bronze Age village at a quarry site in eastern England’s Peterborough. “This is a world full of swords and spears,” said site director, Mark Knight. “It is not entirely a friendly place.”