Science Cheerleaders Invite Children to Admire Their Perky, Bouncy Brains

One of the challenges in convincing little girls to want to be smart is that they've been indoctrinated by society and princess culture into thinking that being smart is a thing that ugly mustachioed chicks do because no one wanted to marry them and they're too allergic to hoard cats. Enter the Science Cheerleaders… »7/13/12 3:30pm7/13/12 3:30pm

Sky Blue, Water Wet, Achievements of Female Scientists Continually Ignored by Men

Over the last two decades, women have made inroads into the male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering, and medicine. But you wouldn't know it if you asked the men who tend to chair scientific awards committees, who award research-based science awards to men 95% of the time. If a glass ceiling breaks… »5/09/12 2:45pm5/09/12 2:45pm