Engagement Chicken: A History of Romantic Culinary Bullshit

We're just six weeks short of Thanksgiving, which means two things: First, if your Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year plans involve air travel, book your ticket now or suffer the financial consequences. Secondly, if you're looking to get hitched over the holidays and believe in magic, it might be time to bust out the… »10/15/14 12:21pm10/15/14 12:21pm


Okay, Who Let 'Engagement Season' Become a Thing?

This weekend, a photo bubbled up on Reddit: Somewhere in America, a bunch of girls—decked out in their finest Christmas attire—gathered on a sofa to take a celebratory snapshot with three newly engaged friends. Except for a lone dissenter in the lower lefthand corner, who had apparently reached her breaking point with… »12/09/13 11:40am12/09/13 11:40am