Say Yes to the Engagement Photos: A Breakthrough, Courtesy of My Wedding Photographer

Is there any reason to want engagement photos? Of course not, say the newly engaged, and the unengaged, and me, once upon a time. What is the overall point, for starters? To show off that you and him can stand on a rock? To show off your pink polyester blouse? To show off that your ring can go onto the stem of a leaf?… »11/13/15 4:30pm11/13/15 4:30pm


When Women Propose, This Is How It's Done

Ask, as the saying goes, and you shall receive. A reader requested that we solicit stories from women who have gotten down on the proverbial bended knee to ask for their partner’s hand in marriage. And while there were a lot of stories about accidentally proposing (“Do you think we should get married?” “Sure.”) and… »6/18/15 2:50pm6/18/15 2:50pm

Ladies Who Proposed: We Want to Hear Every Last Detail

Welcome to Pop The Question, a weekly space to dissect every aspect of wedding madness. Each Tuesday, we’ll ask a question (sometimes there might even be a poll!), you’ll share answers and stories, and then we’ll bring you the best of the bunch on Thursdays. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll fly into a total rage over… »6/16/15 2:30pm6/16/15 2:30pm

Burn Your MFA: The 300 Sandwiches Lady Has A Book Deal

Stephanie Smith, the lady who sandwiched her way onto the internet's STFU list with her blogged quest to make 300 sandwiches so her boyfriend would give her an engagement ring, has landed a book deal thanks to a publishing house imprint headed by two dudes who used to work in men's magazines. You guys, I'm beginning… »11/13/13 1:30pm11/13/13 1:30pm

Can't Afford To Get Married? Just Fake Being Engaged!

Modern conundrum: thanks to the wedding-industrial complex transforming what should be a nice little celebration of love into a hilariously expensive clusterfuck, a lot of couples find themselves in an odd position, relationship-wise: they've ruled out marriage, but they also are pretty sure they're never going to… »10/03/13 2:40pm10/03/13 2:40pm

Lady Earns Engagement Ring by Making 300 Sad Sandwiches for Her Man

A New York City gossip reporter revealed herself today to be the woman behind 300 Sandwiches, a food blog she started because her boyfriend once told her that if she made him 300 sandwiches, he'd buy her an engagement ring. So why isn't this already a terrible straight-to-Blockbuster movie starring overgrown Disney… »9/25/13 12:30pm9/25/13 12:30pm

Screw a Blood Diamond: Engaged Couples Now Choosing Unique, Cheaper Rings Together

If you're to believe every jewelry store ad that's graced daytime TV, men propose to women with diamonds. Anything less, and you're a Sad Sack Who Doesn't Deserve Love. However, the times, they are a-changin'. Well, at least in Park Slope, where engaged couples are bargain shopping for rings that aren't necessarily… »12/21/12 10:45am12/21/12 10:45am

Maybe More Women Would Ask Guys to Marry Them If It Weren’t Seen as Such an Emasculating Bummer

Even if we wanted to propose to a man, and no one is saying we do, imagining an earnest, sincere woman down on one knee offering up a shiny engagement ring to a surprised/ecstatic dude beaming with tear-brimming eyes seems kind of, I dunno, off. What would female-led marriage proposals look like in the hetero… »12/10/12 4:05pm12/10/12 4:05pm

Kanye West Creates Franken-Ring For Kim Kardashian Proposal

Picture, if you will, Kanye West swimming in a vault of precious stones a la Scrooge McDuck; after girlfriend Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries is finalized, 'Ye apparently plans to propose with a one-of-a-kind ring made from his late mom Donda's personal jewelry collection. He visited a private jeweler… »7/24/12 9:00am7/24/12 9:00am