Carson: There Could Be More Violence At Trump Rallies If Protesters Keep 'Escalating' 

Sleepiest badger Ben Carson roused himself early Monday morning to appear on some morning shows, where he defended his new BFF Donald Trump, claiming that violence at his rallies was the fault of protesters alone. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, he called upon protesters at Trump rallies to engage in “civil discussion.” Just…

All The Insults Donald Trump Has Tweeted About Ben Carson, Who's Now Endorsing Him 

On Friday morning, man perpetually waking up from a five-hour nap Ben Carson endorsed former rival Donald Trump. The endorsement took place at a Trump-owned country club in Florida. Heartwarming! And also, while we’re here, a very good time to look back on all the nice things Donald Trump has said about his newest…

The New York Times Endorses Hillary Clinton, Throws Shade at Poor Martin O'Malley 

Earlier today the New York Times’ editorial board endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. In the endorsement, the board described Clinton as the most “deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history,” noting that this is their fourth endorsement of the candidate (twice for the Senate and…

Sad Chris Christie Refuses to Accept He's Been Friendzoned by America 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: just a boy standing in front of a state, pleading with that state to return his calls. The New York Times reports that in a bid to revive his struggling presidential candidacy, he’s launched a charm offensive on the state officials of New Hampshire, conducted mostly by text.