President Obama Loses the Coveted 'Obama Girl' Endorsement

Somewhere in a quiet corner of the White House tonight, Barack Obama is no doubt weeping after learning that Amber Lee Ettinger, who became famous as "Obama Girl" during the 2008 campaign, has said she's just not that into him anymore. Sigh. She told the Daily Caller, she's "not as excited as I was the last time,… »6/10/12 8:55pm6/10/12 8:55pm

Rick Santorum Endorses Mitt Romney via Middle of the Night Whisper

Usually major political endorsements are given at some kind big campaign event, preferably with the entire lamestream media watching and lots of hand-shaking going on, but Rick Santorum opted for something a bit more low-key this evening when giving his much-anticipated endorsement of Mittens Romney. He issued a… »5/07/12 11:55pm5/07/12 11:55pm