Noooo: Monarch Butterflies Might Land on the Endangered Species List

2015's already off to a promising start: This could be the year monarch butterflies land on the endangered species list. Great! Just great. » 12/31/14 3:30pm 12/31/14 3:30pm

Baby Spoon-Billed Sandpipers Are a Spoonful of Cute

Here's a video of some adorable Spoon-billed Sandpiper chicks recently hatched at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire, UK. The chicks are a part of a conservation breeding mission designed to keep the Spoon-billed Sandpiper from immediate extinction. This particular group of… » 7/17/12 7:45pm 7/17/12 7:45pm

Snow Leopards Are Far Too Adorable to Be Endangered

Goodness! That's a big stretch for such a little snow leopard cub. Whenever I hear a news story — see a Grey's Anatomy episode — about some strange, lonely person who kept a wild animal for a pet until one day it got big and hungry enough to maul said person, I think, "Well, that was clearly a mistake." Then a video… » 4/16/12 11:20pm 4/16/12 11:20pm

We Want To Book A Vacation On Lemur Island

Wow, it must be nice to have a spare Caribbean island lying around. Sir Richard Branson — known for Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Mobile and space tourism company Virgin Galactic — has come up with a "radical idea" to save lemurs. The only place the endangered primates live in the wild is Madgascar, and illegal… » 4/19/11 4:45pm 4/19/11 4:45pm

Elle Macpherson Is Really Sorry About Eating Rhino Horn

After revealing her controversial dietary supplement, the model has now apologized. Macpherson says she "never knowingly consumed or encouraged the use or consumption of any products which contain material derived from endangered species." See? She didn't know! Not her fault! » 7/07/10 9:45am 7/07/10 9:45am

Rare Meat

A villager from rural China has been sentenced to 12 years behind bars after he killed and ate what was believed to be the last wild Indochinese tiger in the country. Fewer than 1,000 Indochinese tigers remain. [Telegraph] » 12/22/09 7:40pm 12/22/09 7:40pm

Conservationist Argues We Should Let Pandas Die Out

BBC nature host Chris Packham has questioned whether pandas deserve to survive, as they're not bright and aren't very good at reproduction. In the clip at left, Good Morning America anchors force Chris Cuomo to declare he's staunchly anti-panda killing. » 9/25/09 1:40pm 9/25/09 1:40pm

Baby Snow Leopard Born In Japan

This adorable newborn snow leopard cub was just presented to crowds at Tokyo's Tama zoo. Snow leopards have unusually furry tails, which they use to protect their faces from the cold as they sleep. They are endangered. [Reuters] » 9/04/09 3:40pm 9/04/09 3:40pm

We Can Save Endangered Species By…Eating Them?

On Friday's 20/20's special "You Can't Even Talk About It," John Stossel presented arguments that initially sound ludicrous — let athletes take steroids, remove trade bans on endangered species, etc — but are (maybe?) logical. » 5/11/09 6:30pm 5/11/09 6:30pm

Sarah Palin Won't Save The Whales, So The Feds Do It Instead

On her whirlwind "screw that species" tour through the Alaskan government, Sarah Palin's stance on animal rights has hit the news at least three times in recent months, with her stance on environmental protection (or lack thereof) for salmon » 10/18/08 11:30am 10/18/08 11:30am, , and most recently, showcasing her unwillingness to address the…

Ivory Towers

In the past year, poachers in Congo have killed a fifth » 8/22/08 4:50pm 8/22/08 4:50pm of the Savannah elephants in Virguna National Park. In the past ten days alone, Rwandan rebels have killed seven of the elephants in Virunga, along Congo's eastern border with Rwanda and Uganda."We've definitely lost 20 percent of the population this year and…
This morning, while we should have been industriously searching through images of last night's gowns, we were seduced by this teeny tiny little endangered Chinese box turtle » 8/13/08 12:40pm 8/13/08 12:40pm, who just hatched at Bristol Zoo. Box turtles are hunted for their meat for use in medicine or as pets, and have been listed as endangered on the…