Hospital Under Fire for Unpopular 'No Fatties' Policy

Last year, a medical center in Texas quietly instituted controversial rule — a hiring policy that bars any applicant from consideration for a job there if they have a Body Mass Index of over 35 or if they project an image that somehow conflicts with how patients think doctors and nurses should look. And even though… »4/09/12 5:45pm4/09/12 5:45pm

Woman Says She Was Fired for Reporting Discrimination Against Cancer-Patient Boss [Updated]

You'd think New York City's Department for the Aging would be sensitive to issues of illness and disability. But according to one former employee, it isn't — she says she was fired when she reported that her boss had been discriminated against for having cancer. Now she's suing the city. »1/17/12 3:40pm1/17/12 3:40pm