Unhappy Trails: Female Truckers Say They Faced Rape and Abuse in Troubled Training Program

Close to a decade ago, hungry for a change, Tracy left a stable but dull office job in the upper Midwest and hit the road. She took a bus to Iowa, where she enrolled in truck driving school. Eight days later, she says, with minimal classwork, bookwork, or driving time, she left with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)… »8/21/15 11:35am8/21/15 11:35am

Corporate Employers Are Becoming More Accepting of Your Tattoos

Are you sick of waking up hours early to carefully cover all of your intricate face tattoos so that the square corporate overlords at your Starbucks barista job will be satisfied with your appearance? You bet you are and so am I! Which is why we should all rejoice at the news that Starbucks — along with many other… »9/18/14 7:10pm9/18/14 7:10pm

This Infographic Will Help You Tell What Job You Should Have in Film

So, you want to work in the glamorous world of Hollywood movie making, but you're not quite sure what job suits your particular set of skills best? Well, now it's easy to find out whether you should be a producer, a wardrobe assistant, or just another audience member, thanks to this kind of amazing flowchart. »2/24/14 9:30pm2/24/14 9:30pm

Entrepreneur Seeks Driver/Secretary Who Looks and Acts Like His Favorite Sexy Video Game Character

In fantastic news for unemployed Australian women, a commerce student recently posted an extremely long (on purpose, as to "filter out the less keen people") job description on the job search site "Seek." He's looking for the right secretary/driver for his upcoming media/arts publishing company, which will be a mix… »11/29/12 3:40pm11/29/12 3:40pm

More Cheery Millennial News: 18-29-Year-Olds Aren’t Even Close to Fledging

A casual perusal of our finest, financially destitute journalistic publications will most likely yield some pretty dismal information about the economy and how god-awful it is. The economy is so bad, we are told, that it is going out of its way to destroy an entire generation's hopes and dreams — millennials, as it… »7/29/12 9:30pm7/29/12 9:30pm

America Faces Boredom Crisis as Teens Have Trouble Finding Summer Jobs

Prepare for your favorite public places to be invaded by an onslaught of bored teenagers this summer. While they once would have been spending their days mowing lawns or working in the local ice cream store, teens these days aren't getting summer jobs like they used to. This year, fewer than three in 10 American teens… »6/13/12 10:25am6/13/12 10:25am

Job Prospects For Women Improve From 'Shit' to 'Crap'

On the heels of the "man-cession" is the "he-covery," two neologisms similar in that they both pertain to men's economic prospects during the last few years and they're both irritating as hell. Despite the fact that for every three new jobs in 2011, two went to men, it now looks like women and men are back to being… »1/10/12 1:35pm1/10/12 1:35pm

Colombian Company Uses Butterflies To Change Women's Lives

A valley in Palmira, Colombia, which was once war-torn and filled with little economic opportunity has been transformed by two women, Patricia Restrepo and her daughter Vanessa. Ten years ago, the women started a butterfly export business called Alas de Colombia after they noticed that there was a growing demand for… »11/27/11 3:50pm11/27/11 3:50pm

Two Sisters Fight For Jobs After Bikini-Pic 'Humiliation'

Martha and Lorena Reyes had worked at the Hyatt Hotel in Santa Clara, CA for a combined total of over 30 years. But after they complained about "humiliating" photos posted of them, they were both fired. Now they're taking action. »11/18/11 11:00am11/18/11 11:00am

I spoke to Lorena Reyes through a translator yesterday — she told me that after working…