These Cindy Sherman Emoticons Are Perfect 

Rejoice fellow art nerds, you can now banish praying clapping hands, that screaming cat, and the dancing woman from your Twitter feed forever. Now you can express all of your feels in the highbrow manner they deserve. Via Paper Magazine: Cindy Sherman-Icon, created by New York-based artist Hyo Hong, can be downloaded… » 3/08/15 5:15pm 3/08/15 5:15pm

Businesspeople Excited About New Vagina Emoticon

Were you aware that emoticons are being used by adults, not just 14-year-olds on AOL Instant Messager, MySpace, Twitter, or whatever the kids are using these days? Now professionals are signing off emails with a smiley or winky face, and it's either a helpful way to convey tone, or a sign that we've all become… » 10/23/11 10:41pm 10/23/11 10:41pm