Cable TV In India Creating Class Of Feminist Couch Potatoes

There's a piece in Slate today about how in rural India, newly-available cable TV programs featuring strong, educated, working female characters are having an effect on the attitudes of local women. Although something in the tone of the piece annoys — one suspects that the writer, Joel Waldfogel, is kind of an … » 8/21/07 1:00pm 8/21/07 1:00pm

Jessica Simpson And John Mayer Are So Built To Last

From this week's US Weekly story about Jessica Simpson and John Mayer, page 70:
» 5/23/07 7:19pm 5/23/07 7:19pm

We are so not perplexed! Last week, we read all about how John had found some picture of Jess from a magazine, like six months earlier or something, and said — wait for it! — "When was ?" Doh! She responded by — well, probably not by…