Viola Davis Talks About Making Women Of Color 'Part of the Narrative'

At the National Women’s History Museum’s fourth annual Women Making History Brunch, Viola Davis gave an inspiring speech about being able to represent women of color through her work. “I understand that acting is not rocket science. I do. But I do feel that it’s an important art form,” said Davis. “It is my mission in… »9/20/15 5:05pm9/20/15 5:05pm

We're Living in the Era of Body-Positive Wolf-Crying Run Amok

On the Emmy Awards red carpet on Sunday night, Lena Dunham wore a teal floral-print Prada gown and Claire Danes showed up in Armani. One's sartorial choice was panned, the other's lauded. Challenge: write about either woman's appearance without inducing knee jerk accusations of bodysnarking/thin shaming. YOU CAN'T DO… »9/25/13 2:20pm9/25/13 2:20pm