Full-Figured Fashion Week Is Fearless, Fierce

Saturday, just as Full Figured Fashion Week was in full swing, a story about the highly lucrative plus-size market hit the front page of The New York Times. That night, I went to the FFFW finale runway show. » 6/21/10 5:00pm 6/21/10 5:00pm

Emme: "We Need To Push The Boundaries On What Represents Health"

After seeing her speak on a panel about body image and health, I grabbed a few minutes with the legendary full-figured model, cancer survivor, author, blogger, former television news reporter, you-name-it, Emme. Getting through the crowd of admirers was tough. » 4/06/10 4:20pm 4/06/10 4:20pm

When Eating Disorders, Obesity, And Genetics Collide

America — third-fattest country in the world, according to the WHO — has a schizophrenic relationship with food. Could the union of obesity activists and eating-disorder advocates generate any real insight? Strangely, at a recent panel, it kinda did. » 4/05/10 6:30pm 4/05/10 6:30pm

More Voices Join The Plus-Size Fashion Conversation

Yup, people are still talking about "big women," "curves," and plus-sizes in fashion. And some of what they're saying is pretty great: » 1/25/10 5:00pm 1/25/10 5:00pm

Glamour Celebrates Women Of The Year (Plus Steven Tyler)

Rihanna. Serena. Maria. Stella. Iman. Padma. Emme. Estelle. Gabby Sidibe. These were just a few of the boldfaces who bib-and-tuckered it at Carnegie Hall last night to honor Glamour's Women of the Year. And, yes, dude looked like a lady. » 11/10/09 10:30am 11/10/09 10:30am