Women In Their 50s And 60s Are Fall's Most Surprising Ladymag Trend

When Tom Ford guest edited Vogue Paris' Holiday issue, he put in an editorial that's a little unusual for a fashion magazine: it features only "mature women" who haven't gone under the knife. » 11/18/10 5:48pm 11/18/10 5:48pm

More Misconduct In Polanski Case; Wife Says "Toughest Moments Are…

Roman Polanski's lawyers are alleging even more judicial misconduct in his original trial than we previously knew about, showing yet again that the 1977 proceedings were basically an example of how not to handle a rape case. » 3/19/10 9:30am 3/19/10 9:30am

What's It Like To Be Married To A Rapist?

Roman Polanski's wife Emmanuelle Seigner chalks her husband's rape of a 13-year-old girl up to a "crazy time." It's a terrible excuse — but I can't bring myself to hate her. » 1/22/10 1:20pm 1/22/10 1:20pm

Kanye Might Be Banned From Clooney's Haiti Telethon; Heidi's Afraid To…

Model Katoucha Niane's Body Found In The Seine

Independent Spirit Awards Attendees Stuck To B&W

The Independent Spirit Awards are sort like the alt-prom to the Oscars: The so-called "indie" crowd — plus mainstream celebs posing as hipsters for the evening — turn out to honor work that is supposedly not part of the Hollywood machine. As an added punch, ELLE sponsored the event, and I wonder: did the magazine also… » 2/24/08 5:30pm 2/24/08 5:30pm

At The Boucheron Dinner, The Jewels Outsparkled The Outfits

Last night in Paris, the luxury jewelry line Boucheron had one of those rich-and-famous-folk-studded dinners to honor itself and the company's 150th anniversary. And while all the guests were brilliantly bejeweled, something about their outfits was distressing. Sure, Julianne Moore looked gorgeous and chic in her gray… » 1/22/08 12:30pm 1/22/08 12:30pm

Sofia Coppola's Clothing Line "Milkfed" Still Producing!