Kris Jenner Fires 'Her Entire Security Team' After Man Breaks Into Her Home and Confronts Her

On Thursday it was reported that a “Kardashian-obsessed fan” (who wasn’t me or Jezebel’s Managing Editor Kate Dries) broke into Kris Jenner’s home by posing as a crew member hired to install her Christmas decorations. Once he was through the gate, he got out of his car, walked right in the house, and straight into…

In Classic Ryan Murphy Fashion, Scream Queens Loses Sight of Itself

The broad plot of Scream Queens is fairly simple: A college campus is terrorized by a masked serial killer and a sorority—the killer’s primary target—tries to find out who’s murdering people while (poorly) avoiding getting killed themselves. That’s the story, sure, but is that really what Scream Queens is about?

Oh No! Scream Queens Looks Like It Might Be Bad!

I’ve been dying to see Scream Queens since it was announced: Ryan Murphy-created horror-comedy about sorority murders starring Emma Roberts? Sign me up! A longer trailer just dropped, though, and after some hokey Diablo Cody-style slang invention (“Pissy Spacek”? eesh), a stereotypical flashback-to-the-’80s device,…