Mining Goldsmith

A West Coast reader got access to Teen Vogue intern and possible new Hills cast member/ Whitney replacer Jenna Goldsmith's restricted facebook profile and gives us the lowdown. Jenna's favorite quote? "Legs are the new cleavage." Our California mole continues, "She's a Business Administration Major (snooze) and she sits… » 11/28/07 6:45pm 11/28/07 6:45pm

'Teen Vogue' Commenters: Friends, Or Frenemies?

We've said this before, but sometimes we just don't know what to make of Teen Vogue and its readers, particularly when it comes to the magazine's interns, who are both the subjects of a uniquely bad reality television show and the ostensible writers of a generically-bad blog called "Behind the Seams". We'd say all the… » 6/05/07 5:14pm 6/05/07 5:14pm